Corridor fire hydrant was wound death affected fire fighting responsibility unit was fined 50,000

And corridor inside the wall fire hydrant was killed by the fire fighting
July 26 at 19:53, Fengtai District Fangqun Park District 1, Building 4, 10-storey southwest side of the corridor, an electric car ignition ignited the surrounding debris, fire area of ​​1 square meters. As the residents of the residential building wall fire hydrant was welded, affecting the fire fighting, resulting in the floor of the corridor part of the items burned, and lead to different degrees of damage to the residents, the fire one burn. After the alarm, the Beijing Fire Brigade command center has mobilized Fangzhuang squadron, Longtan Lake Squadron, Pomegranate Village squadron and detachment commissural headquarters rushed to the scene, a total of 10 fire engines, carrying about 60.9 tons of water, carrying about 3.7 tons of foam, 60 More than officers and men to the scene disposal. At the time of the incident, Fangzhuang squadron dynamic duty car group is patrolling the East Rail Camp, the squadron telephone room promptly notify the duty car group first rushed to the scene for disposal, firemen use the broken tool will be worn dead wall fire hydrant Demolition after use, at 20:08 the effective control of the fire. 20:10 fire was extinguished. In the fire fighting process, a total of five evacuation, rescued trapped three people. After the investigation, the fire is the electric car charging process of battery failure, ignited the surrounding combustible material caused by the original fire site is located in Fengtai District Fangqunyuan District 4 Building 10, northwest side of the corridor, and corridor wall fire hydrant Wrong has affected the fire fighting, resulting in fire control is not enough time. To this end, Fengtai fire brigade in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Fire Law" on the relevant unit of responsibility for 50,000 yuan limit. Text / newspaper reporter Li Ning

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